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Can a phone be haunted?

That is the question for Dylan Murray, an aspiring actor who gets a part-time job as pizza delivery driver in the beautiful affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Grantwood. All seems easy sailing until mysterious voices on his smartphone begin to interrupt his GPS, one of which, 'The Demon Voice,' deliberately misdirects him away from his route and into areas of danger. As his encounters with the quirky and sometimes bizarre residents of Grantwood continue, a mysterious thief known only as The Cat Burglar makes nationwide headlines for a string of high-end estate robberies in the area. Is it a matter of time before the malevolent voice interrupting his GPS leads him to the wrong place at the wrong time?

One thing is certain: behind one of these doors awaits Vampire Santa, and you will not like his presence. . .

"Barbour does a deft job of telling a grounded slice of life story that slowly but surely begins to incorporate elements of magical realism, and saves the balls out horror elements for a gripping climax."


-David B. Lucarelli

Author of Tinseltown



"Like I was trapped in an American Graffiti nightmare, and Charles Bukowski was my driver. . ."


-Amazon Review



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